Halogen Diamond Stretch Suit Skirt (Petite) Black 6

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Halogen Diamond Stretch Suit Skirt (Petite) Black 6

Description of Halogen Diamond Stretch Suit Skirt (Petite) Black 6 A workhorse for your 9-to-5 wardrobe a classic pencil skirt is tailored from a textured stretch-woven fabric. Color (s) black. Brand Halogen. Style Name Halogen Diamond Stretch Suit Skirt (Petite) . Style Number 942142.

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Halogen Diamond Stretch Suit Skirt (Petite) Black 6

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Halogen Diamond Stretch Suit Skirt (Petite) Black 6

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Halogen Diamond Stretch Suit Skirt (Petite) Black 6

Halogen Diamond Stretch Suit Skirt (Petite) Black 6

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